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A writing plan: are you a planner or pantser?

Do you have a writing plan? It seems there are two kinds of writers: those

Beginner Writers’ Tools. Into serious writing

Once you’ve made the decision that you are now into serious writing, it is no

Fiction: EVERY character counts.

An exhibition of Breugel is showing at the Holburne, Bath, the first UK exhibition devoted

New writer? Writing persistence.

Is this how you feel about your work in progress? Advice: the punching must be

Five essential writing tools

Starting out on your first writing journey? If you are just starting out to write

Icy Short Story – performance art

‘Icy short story’ could feature a crime, an arctic setting, or a scientific experiment –

Genre? Striking a new note.

  What genre? Writers are always advised to be clear about their book’s genre and

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