CRIME SHORTS: An e-book series

See Homed below, it’s FREE on 17th and 18th February

So many people commute, so many are stuck in airports. Short stories of around 5000 words suit these readers very well. Crime fiction engages the attention without murdering the mind. I thought there was a need for such stories but perhaps not for the expected offences. I aimed to look at something different, something thought-provoking. Gradually I am building up a series.


Number 1:  A boy with potential 

What was the choirboy’s sinister find? 10 year-old Jake can’t tell police anything about it, although the Children’s Home say he’s the cleverest boy there. What does he really know?

Is his destructive past a threat to Jake’s future, or anyone else’s?

A whydunit rather than whodunit with an unreliable narrator.

C.R.Putsche, Austria. “This is an outstanding short story that I managed to devour in just one sitting. Rarely does an author so courageously expose truths, realities and day-to-day struggles of a boy who finds it difficult to fit in to society.”


Number 2. Homed.    FREE on 17th and 18th February

A boy is settling into his home. Again. There seem to be unusual problems. Is this a crime waiting to happen, or has one already occurred?

“This wonderful little tale leaves me, as it should, with loads of questions and a very eerie feeling. This is a brief, read, and a very good one that’ll have me thinking for a long time. Highly recommended.” Amazon reviewer

Number 3.  Not Her Fault

Let’s have a girl this time. The previous two were boys.

A news analysis of an horrific crime makes a woman recall an incident from her childhood.

How far can a small girl be responsible for what happened later?

MORE SINS COMING YOUR WAY . . . in future Crime Shorts