This is the writing blog of Rosalind Minett. I hope you will enjoy the posts that I add about once every week (but don’t pin me down).

The name, The Characterful Writer, describes the fiction I most enjoy: character-led.  Stories satisfy me when complex characters interact in a way that is true to their personalities and I am gripped by events around them. I am always disappointed when characters seem mostly to serve the plot, not the other way round.

There seems no point in repeating what is already abundantly available online – advice on all aspects of writing – so I blog about a range of matters, usually artistic in some form, and relate the topic to the work of writing.

Some posts consider the work around and within writing. I’m keenly interested in both analysis of the complex mental activities involved, and the techniques used.8539730455_9a3b15e99a_b

I believe in cross-fertilisation. A visit, a sighting, a meeting, a conversation  a performance, an art gallery, with all these a writer can gain ideas and stimulation. Sometimes the most unlikely incident can provide the one image or concept that has slowed progress on the current work. I’ve included examples in one post. Other art forms interest me greatly, so I sometimes focus on an aspect of these.

I review some books here, particularly contemporary world fiction in translation, but sometimes I want to discuss another book, fiction or nonfiction, mainstream published or self-published. There are high quality novels that need bringing to a wider audience.

The links on the sidebar are diverse, but represent websites with stimulating content.

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